Welcome to the home of Eat Suplex Sleep Retweet, Scotland’s premier wrestling podcast that focuses on all areas of the sport.

Founded in 2017, we wanted to put a different spin on how wrestling is analysed. You find a lot of podcasts focus a lot on previewing and reviewing shows and PPV’s. Whilst these are important for big events, our goal was to think outside the box with our content.

From topical shows about wrestling’s past, present and future to interviews with top talent. If you can think of anything wrestling, then we have you covered here.

Suplex Retweet – Areas of Focus


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With a team full of self proclaimed WWE marks, we couldn’t not ignore the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet.

Scottish Wrestling scene

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The renaissance of wrestling north of the UK border has played a big part in reinvigorating a lot of our panelists love of the sport. We aim to give the scene the coverage it deserves through interviews and event analysis.

You can check out some of our most recent shows and interviews below.

Latest Shows

Our Thursday releases are our flagship content.

Every week, we assemble a panel to engage in a round table discussion on a particular wrestling topic. Be it historic or something current, you can always guarantee an interesting discussion.


Recent Interviews

Since early 2018, we have began adding interviews to our portfolio.

Be it with WWE stars, Scottish talent or anyone else involved in the sport, we look to give our listeners a look into the careers – however long they are – of people in and around the scene globally.


Feature Content

The newest addition to the Suplex Retweet portfolio is our written feature content.

The team take a popular topic in the wrestling world or something they feel passionate about to produce an opinionated article that gets across how they feel.

Recent feature articles have included fantasy bookings, past PPV reviews and wrestling listicles.


The Suplex Retweet Championship

As a team, we regular compete against each other. Be it in show quizzes and PPV predictions, it adds to the fun of being in a podcast.

To add a bit of extra spice to affairs, the winner of each of the above wins the Suplex Retweet Championship.

Current Champion Derek Kernahan

3rd reign – Won the Elimination Chamber 2021 Sweepstake

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