Best of 2017

The team look back at their best wrestling matches and moments of the past 12 months

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As the year comes to a close we look at the wrestling highlights of the year in our best of 2017 special.

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Another year has come and gone. Before we enter 2018, we look back over the last 12 months find the best wrestling moments & matches in 2017.

While as fans we can often be overly critical especially of WWE but in this episode, we try to only look at the positive.

In WWE this we’ve seen dream matches, returns that have been a long time coming and emotional moments from retirements to even a proposal.

We’re not just looking at WWE as 2017 has been a huge year for wrestling around the year. In New Japan Omega and Okada put on a trilogy of matches that broke the internet as well as Dave Meltzer’s rating system. Meanwhile Chris Jericho shocked the world by showing up to challenge Omega to match,

Ring of Honor has had a very profitable year thanks in large part to the likes of Cody & the Young Bucks. While in the UK promotions have been putting on consistent sold out shows as ICW ran the Hydro for the second year in a row and Progress put on their biggest show yet at Alexandra palace.

Host Steven Wilson gathers a big panel for this special 2-hour podcast where each panellist gives their 3 best moments in wrestling in 2017.

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