Best of RAW 25

The longest running episodic TV show celebrates turning 25 next week, so to mark the occasion the Suplex Retweet panel discuss their favourite ever RAW moments.

stone cold steve austin attacks the mcmahons with a beer truck

As the longest running episodic TV show celebrates its 25th anniversary, we look back at the best of RAW 25.

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RAW 25. Who would have thought it back in January 1993 when the then WWF launched their first weekly episodic television show that Monday Night RAW would still be going strong 25 years later.

Originally a hour show set in New York’s Manhattan Center, the show has expanded as it has solidified itself as the flagship show in all of sports entertainment.

Moving first to two hours and now into its current three hour format, WWE RAW now broadcasts from arenas around the world. During its quarter century on television, it has arguably brought with it some of the finest moments in the history of wrestling.

Who could forget the night where DX invaded the rival show at the time, WCW Nitro? Or the night that Mick Foley ‘put the butts on the seats’ and claimed his first WWF Title on the night the Monday Night Wars shifted.

Or even more recently, when CM Punk cut a monumental pipe bomb promo on the full landscape of the WWE that kicked off the Summer of Punk.

These moments and many more is why many of our panel grew to become such big fans of the sport. In this podcast, our team go through some of their favourite moments from the 25 years of Monday Night RAW.

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