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We had a chat with The Lead Broadcaster & Voice of ICW, Billy ”Fucking” Kirkwood discussing his huge passion for wrestling, his first appearance in ICW, commentating, his various costumes, his TV, radio and comedy work.

billy kirkwood

The voice of ICW, Billy Kirkwood, speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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In the latest in a series of interviews leading up to the biggest One Fall Sessions, we’re joined by One Fall regular & lead announcer for ICW Billy Kirkwood. For as long as ICW has had commentary, Billy has been the voice of the promotion.

For many of us at ESSR one of the best parts of attending ICW shows his Billy’s routine at the start of the show. It is something which never fails to get the crowd hyped. A routine that usually features some very none PC jokes and colourful outfits.

While it’s great to see live wrestling you always feel like you’re missing out on something when you don’t get to hear Billy’s commentary.

Billy manages to effectively tell the story; give you reasons to invest in the characters and thanks to his natural comedic ability make you laugh all at the same time. As well as his work in ICW Billy keeps himself busy. He is regularly hosting regular improv comedy nights, does stand up and hosts a radio show.

Kwaku Adjei sits down with Billy to talk about how he started with ICW. They also discussed how ICW has evolved since he’s been involved, how he approaches commentary and the likelihood of him ever working for WWE.

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