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We chat with the Patriarch of The House of Saynt and leader of the Sensational Scenebirds, Christopher Saynt talking about his career to date, becoming a trainer and other work with drag acts and shows.

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The Patriarch of the House of Saynt, Christopher Saynt, talks to Suplex Retweet.

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He is the Patriarch of the House of Saynt, and he is the leader of the Sensational Scenebirds.

Fans of the Scottish independent scene will be incredibly familiar with Christopher Saynt.

Sarah Grieve caught up with Christopher in Edinburgh before his Discovery Y Division championship match against Joe Coffey.

They discuss how he got into wrestling through managers like Jimmy Hart and the Sensational Sherri, training at Source and how 6 months into his training, head trainer of Source at the time, Damian aka WWE’s Killian Dain, aka “Big Scary Man” told Saynt he was not going to be manager and he was debuting in his hometown.

Saynt also talks about how he’s learned from so much from various wrestlers from around the world and how he took that away to become a head trainer at Respect Pro Wrestling.

He discusses the House of Saynt and joining up with Emily Hayden to become the Sensational Scenebirds, as well as being Scotland’s first openly gay wrestler, the struggles that came with that and how he nearly quit.

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