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The Product David Starr speaks to Suplex Retweet

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In a relevant short period of a time, David Starr has cemented himself as one of independent wrestling’s biggest stars.

Starr debuted in 2012 having originally wrestled in the amateur leagues. He would quickly take to the professional game like a fish to water.

He became the youngest graduate of the Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Center and got a try out with WWE in 2014.

Having built up a successful CV in the States, the Product jumped ship to Europe.

In the years since, he’s solidified himself as one of the best residing in the UK.

A regular in the likes of Progress and Defiant, some know him more for his unique ring intro. To most though, he’s know for his well-rounded technical styles.

His feuds with Jordan Devlin and WALTER have become that of legends. And his recent success in the Progress SSS16 have only added to his CV.

One of the sports most out-spoken, he’s never shy to speak. His words on ROH and contracts for independent performers have proved that.

Now, in this interview with Steven Wilson, Starr talks about his career to date and why he choose the UK as his base.

He also discusses his plans for his INDEPENDENT brand, Dave Meltzers comment on Martina, plus his true feelings on WALTER.

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