Evolution of ICW

Insane Championship Wrestling has came a long way since its days booking shows in Maryhill Community Hall in 2006. On this latest episode, our panel looked back at how the elements of the company have evolved since its early days, to where they stand in the present day.

the evolution of ICW to the point where it packs the Hydro has been truly special

We look back at the history of Scotland’s premier promotion in our show on the evolution of ICW.

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The evolution of ICW from small town attraction to global phenomenon really has been something special to admire.

Insane Championship Wrestling first ran a show back in 2006. Held in the small Maryhill Community Centre, it was attended by just 73 people.

The promotion would continue running these small shows for a number of months. Just as they were building up a loyal fanbase, they took a two year hiatus. Despite doubts whether or not they would return, the company began running shows once more in 2009, securing a short lived television deal which would lead to them venturing into Glasgow’s city centre.

As ICW began to run events in some of the city’s best known venues, such as The Garage Nightclub and the Apollo 23, others began to take notice. This included TV broadcaster, the BBC.

Insane Fight Club

The documentary, Insane Fight Club, aired on the channel in early 2014. The show brought the company and it’s performers into the eyes of a mainstream audience. This, combined with the return to Scotland and the promotion of former WWE star Drew Galloway, took ICW to the next stage.

The hardcore fanbase that they had developed since its inception were joined by other Scottish wrestling supporters. These newcomers were keen to see what ICW was capable of.

The company would begin to expand. They moved outwith their comfort zone holding events across the rest of the UK.

As Fear & Loathing – their premier event –  got bigger, ICW went on to host events at SEC Centre and the Barrowland Ballroom. Then, in 2016, they held the biggest event in European wrestling history in Glasgow’s SSE Hydro with over 6000 attendees.

As previously stated, the evolution of ICW has been something special.  On this latest episode, our panel looked back at how the elements of the company have evolved since its early days, to where they stand in the present day.

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