GLOW Season 2 Review

Following on from our Season 1 review show, we talked about Season 2 of the NetFlix original GLOW discussing our favourite moments, some of the bold issues they raised in society and our predictions for Season 3.

glow season 2

Ahead of the upcoming season three release, our team take a look back at GLOW season 2.

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Whilst Netflix is currently facing an uncertain future with the launch of competitive streaming services in Disney+ and Apple TV, the television juggernaut is not slowing down when it comes to putting out original content.

Even though shows such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black do pull in the lion’s share of viewers, GLOW is very much the “indy darling” of Netflix’s television line-up.

Having been nominated for numerous Emmy’s after its first season, the launch of GLOW season 2 was met with further acclaim from critics and pulled in a very respectable viewership.

Season 2 focuses on the GLOW girls and their curmudgeonly directed Sam Sylvia as they go around filming their first season. Of course, things don’t go completely to plan with Sam and Ruth’s relationship breaking down, Debbie struggling to cope with her divorce, and the network threatening to pull the plug on the show.

Along the way, the show’s second season continues to delve into deep themes (such as sexual assault and sexual identity), which are successfully addressed with GLOW’s exceptional writing and pitch-perfect performances.

David Campbell and his panel delve into all these topics, firstly by exploring the character arcs of the show’s three main characters in Ruth, Debbie and Sam, before the team each go to war in trying to decide the show’s best supporting character.

Finally, they look forward to season 3 and address the question as to whether GLOW successfully introduces wrestling to a new viewership.

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