Greatest moments in the history of Shug’s Hoose Party

Sarah Grieve looks back at nine of the top moments to have occured at ICW’s highly anticapated summer extravaganza, Shug’s Hoose Party.

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Shug’s maw and da are out of town, and Insane Championship Wrestling are having an empty!

Shug’s Hoose Party has become an infamous event of recent summers. With any great party, there are great stories. This event is no exception, with it increasing from one night to a weekend long extravaganza. There have been so many unforgettable moments that have come from Shug having a hoose party.

With this, here are some of the greatest moments in the history of Shug’s Hoose Party.

Honourable mentions

Dickie Divers loses his Square Go briefcase – Shug’s Hoose Party 2

Polo Promotions get to stay together – Shug’s Hoose Party 4

Grado makes his return – Shug’s Hoose Party 5

Jeff Jarrett hits Just Justice over the head with a guitar – Shug’s Hoose Party 5

Drew Galloway’s Return (Shug’s 1)

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Following Drew’s release from WWE in 2014, bookers and promoters were clawing to have him on their shows, and quite rightly so. Mark Dallas was the first person on Drew’s call list. He wanted to return to a place that he once called home.

The New Age Kliq made their presence felt as Chris Renfrew was ready to cash in his Square Go briefcase on Jack Jester. Before Renfrew got the chance, the lights went out and mystery filled the air. When the lights came up, the hooded figure that appeared was revealed to be Drew making his return to an ICW ring.

Naturally, the crowd went wild as Jester and Galloway cleared the ring of the NAK. As if Drew’s return wasn’t impactful enough, he attacked Jester and threw him off the stage into a table. Him doing so made that one of the most memorable moments in Shug’s Hoose Party history.

DCT & Viper Get Married (Shug’s 2)

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A wedding? At a wrestling event? What’s the worst that could happen? Weddings at professional wrestling events are a guaranteed splash. For DCT and Viper, the set up was simple, and no doubt the honeymoon budget took priority. We won’t judge!

The international sex hero wore white trunks, and a gold waistcoat. Billy Kirkwood got to live out his dream of being a bridesmaid. I Do’s and rings were exchanged. Everything looked as if it was going according to plan. Billy even won a tenner from William Grange.

Red Lightning sadly interrupted the couple’s first dance. His gift? The 55. Coach Trip and Polo Promotions were taken out, leaving DCT, Viper and Rab Florence in the ring. A low blow from the Burnistoun star to DCT gave Bram the chance to tie him up in the ropes.

The shocking moment came afterwards when Bram proceeded to tombstone Viper into the wedding cake. This sparked a year long rivalry between DCT and Bram, coming to a head in a steel cage the following year at Shug’s Hoose Party 3.

The Formation of the Black Label (Shug’s 2)

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Who can forget the formation of the Black Label? Drew was defending his World Heayweight title against Damo in an extremely hard hitting bout. With the referee knocked down, Red Lightning and Jack Jester made their way to the ring.

Given Jester and Galloway’s history, you’d have assumed nothing good could come of this. You would be correct, but not for the reason you thought. The shock factor came when Jester attacked Damo, allowing Drew to hit the Future Shock DDT and retain the belt. This kicked off the alliance between Drew & Jester, with Red Lightning quickly embracing them in the ring.

A new force had come to ICW, with others quickly following suit and joined up. With this, the Black Label was born.

The Pinky Party Was Born (Shug’s 3)

PinkyParty - Greatest moments in the history of Shug’s Hoose Party

Torment from the Black Label lead to Mark Dallas‘ shares in ICW to being put at stake. On one side, Red Lightning‘s team of Wolfgang, Drew Galloway and Jack Jester. On the other side stood Mark Dallas’ team of Grado and Noam Dar. Dallas however, did have a mystery partner for them.

A lot of questions were asked about who this mystery person could be. Speculation grew as Shug’s drew closer.

Dallas’ team then gave this man’s version of the bat symbol. Each man threw their pinkies in the air and all was revealed. Red Lightning‘s associate at the time, Sha Samuels took out Red’s other allies. The Pinky Party was created. Even though they gave the fans some memorable moments, it was sadly short lived as Noam headed off to WWE not too long after.

Tommy End Says Goodbye to ICW (Shug’s 3)

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Heading into Shug’s Hoose Party 3, there was a lot of speculation in regard to Tommy End’s future. UK indie regulars were being swept up by WWE quicker than you could count. With Tommy’s incredible in-ring ability and unique look, there was no doubt he would be one of the guys to put pen to paper with WWE.

For what turned out to be Tommy’s final match, the Sumerian Death Squad, Moustache Mountain and their chosen partner, Lewis Girvan, were set to go head to head at the biggest party of the summer.

Post match is where Tommy took to the mic one last time to say goodbye. This was an emotional moment as this confirmed rumours of End signing to NXT. A few months later, End had debuted under the name Aleister Black. Shy of 2 years after his departure from ICW, End was undefeated and had become NXT champion in the process.

WWE United Kingdom Title was Defended (Shug’s 4)

20170706 ICW Match d4960b3c2acf117b0cf3fbd0e7da7341 1024x576 - Greatest moments in the history of Shug’s Hoose Party

This was something for the history books. WWE were allowing their champion to defend their title at a non-WWE event.

Pete Dunne was returning to an ICW ring as WWE United Kingdom champion for this fatal four way match. WWE UK talent Wolfgang and Trent Seven also returned to compete in this match. BT Gunn made history as he was the only non-WWE talent in this match getting a shot at the gold.

Each man got a chance to show what they could bring to the table. It finally came down to BT and Dunne at the end after Gunn hit a double Gunshot to Wolfgang and Seven. The Bruiserweight managed to hit his Bitter End on The Oddity to get the 1, 2, 3 and retain his title.

Each man got a fantastic response from fans in attendance. To finish things off, and pay respect, each man recreated the Triple H water spit.

The Pinky Party Reunite (Shug’s 4)

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In the build up to Shug’s Hoose Party 4, Sha Samuels simply had enough of the Rudo Sports and Entertainment Brand and demanded a match. There was a small issue. Sha didn’t seem to have any friends left in ICW. Noam Dar had ventured across the pond to WWE, and Grado had joined forces with Rudo.

That was until his prayers were answered. A tag team partner was found! The screens showed a man with his back turned to the camera. A burst of excitement erupted from the ICW crowd as the pinky bat signal happened. Noam Dar was coming home to help out a friend in need.

On the night the ICW crowd got the best of both worlds. Noam’s WWE music Weekend Rockstar hit the speakers. This transitioned into the music they associated him with, Fair City Riots blared around the room. The Dartic Monkeys surrounded the ring and the Champagne Supernova was home. It was the reunion we all needed. A crowd united with pinkies.

Lionheart beats Just Justice (Shug’s 5)

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This was match number 3 in the Jackie Polo/Lionheart saga. This rivalry will go down in the ICW history books as one of the greatest ever. Lionheart was looking for redemption after falling short to Jackie Polo/Just Justice twice before.

The match itself featured callbacks to their previous matches, and tremendous storytelling. Both men went back and forth attempting to keep the other down.

It’s no secret Lionheart broke his neck in a match with AJ Styles. So with Polo transitioning an electric drop into a Styles Clash, the crowd was stunned. It was that very move which lead to Hearto’s aforementioned injury four years prior.

However, the most shocking moment came when Lionheart kicked out of the Styles Clash at one. The crowd at this point went wild.

The atmosphere picked up ten fold at that moment. After his iconic series of finishers, Lionheart got the redemption he was looking for. As far as storytelling goes, this match would be hard to top.

DCT Turns Yellow Into Gold (Shug’s 5)

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A crowd divided completely down the middle. One half black and green, the other yellow and purple.

After winning the Square Go a few months prior, then cashing in at Barramania to capture his first ICW World Heavyweight title, Stevie Boy was on the top of his game and it didn’t look to end any time soon. DCT, however, was set to prove that he is capable of winning the big one.

Rumours had been circulating prior to the event. Stevie had been injured at a non-ICW event. DCT was apparently making plans to move to Australia. With the added stipulation of “Loser leaves the UK”, the assumption was DCT would lose this match.

After a hard hitting battle, and a lot of outside interference, the Fella in Yella shocked the world to win his first ICW World Heavyweight title.

Shocked faces, tears and screams joy filled the O2 Academy. What made this undoubtedly one of the most amazing moments of Shug’s Hoose Party history was the unpredictability and shock factor that came with it.

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