Greatest Wrestling Stables

Following the Shield’s recent reunion, the team are back in the studios looking at the history of stables in wrestling. From the nWo to the Mean Street Posse, we’ve got them all covered.

Greatest Stables - Greatest Wrestling Stables

From the NWO to the Shield, we take a look at some of the most dominating factions and stables in the wrestling industry.

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A wrestling stable is a group of individuals coming together as a unit to achieve a common goal.

This can lead to some of the most intriguing storylines and dominating performances ever seen. Every promotion had a stable that stood out and made shockwaves across the industry.

WCW had the infamous NWO, led by Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The stable’s influence in the late 90s turned mainstream wrestling into a more adult-orientated product and was one of the main driving forces behind WCW dominating WWF in the Monday Night Wars.

At the peak of WWF’s Attitude era, there was D-Generation X. Their antics were very childish and juvenile, but they left a huge impact on the company, particularly at a time when the fans were heavily invested in an edgier product.

Nowadays, you’re less likely to see a stable like them given that the entertainment is now focused on being more family friendly.

In modern day WWE, stables like the New Day and the Shield have been some of the more recognisable groups in recent memory. Two stables formed through brotherhood, they have appealed to many different demographics with the Shield’s drive for success and New Day’s more family friendly approach to fan interaction.

With Steven leading the conversation, along with James and David, we discuss some of the greatest wrestling stables in history.

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