Hardcore Title History

The panel discuss some of their favourite moments involving the WWE Hardcore Championship as well as the concept and whether it should be brought back.

the wwe hardcore title

It was one of the most popular championship of the Attitude Era. Now, our team take a look back at the timeline from beginning to end of the Hardcore Title.

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At the peak of the Attitude Era in 1998, Vince McMahon decided to introduce a new championship to the WWE.

On November 2nd of that year, he awarded fan favourite Mankind with the Hardcore Championship.

The initial idea behind the title was for it to be utilised in comedy segments to play off of Mankind’s reputation as a hardcore wrestler.

However, as Mick Foley and hardcore wrestling got more popular, the belt became a more serious part of the company.

It was soon after though that the championship cemented its place in wrestling folk-law.

Upon becoming champion in early 2000, Crash Holly declared the title would be defended at any time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The change in the rule created some of the most famous moments in Attitude Era history. From the title being defended in hotel rooms to Crash escaping pinfall in a ball pit.

The ruling also brought with it surprising title holders. Four female superstars can state their claim of being Hardcore champion. One of these happen to be one of the Godfather’s hos.

Sadly, as that era ended, WWE retired the title in 2002. However, it’s legacy remains within the minds of many diehard fans.

On his Suplex Retweet hosting debut, Nathan Fisher look back at the history of the Hardcore Title. They outline some of their favourite moments involving the championship as well as the concept and whether it should be brought back.

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