ICW Road to The Hydro – The Card

We are now just three days away from the biggest night in the history of British wrestling, and the final event of #ScottishWrestlingMonth as we have dubbed it. After ten years of existence, Scottish promotion Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) are set to headline The SSE Hydro in Glasgow. It has been a long road for what was initially a small independent company that original had a crowd of 25 in Maryhill to nearly selling out one of Britains biggest indoor arenas. To mark this historic event, every day leading up to the night, we will be highlighting ICW Fear and Loathing in a greater light. Today, we run the card you will expect to see on the night.

Joe Coffey vs Kurt Angle

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A veteran of 20 years in the wrestling industry with WWE and TNA, Kurt Angle has spent the last year competing in dream matches world wide, against the likes of Cody Rhodes, and we can add another to the list on Sunday. Coffey has longed been known as the Iron Man of ICW, consisting delivering high quality matches in the middle of the card. His willingness to never give up and fight to the end saw him compete in two hour long iron man matches on consecutive Square Go Cards in 2014 and 15, whilst also lasting from start to finish in the Square Go match the following year. Coffey earned the right to face Angle after defeating now WWE star Big Damo at Shugs Hoose Party 3 in July, a night where he would both win and lose the ICW world title, after a cash in by Wolfgang. This defeat has sent Coffey on a rampage through the competition, and has called Angle out on several occasions. This match should be a hard hitting classic. Expect Angle to put Coffey over here.

Wolfgang (c) vs Trent Seven – ICW World Title – Steel Cage Match

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It is Mustache Mountains time folks!! Trent Seven has done a superb job of earning the respect of the ICW fans since the start of the year, leading many to call for him to have a shot at the top prize in the company. Wolfgang has been the champ since July, however, he has relied heavily on his stablemates in the Black Label, and his signature Bass Knuckles to put his opponents down since. Seven chose the stipulation of the  Steel Cage to prevent the Label getting involved, and allowing him to get his hands on Wolfgang without him running away. Although there is a height difference between both men, both are very physical in the ring, so this won’t be for the faint hearted. Result here depends on whereabouts on the card it lies, as ICW love a Wrestlemania style ending to Fear and Loathing with the face standing tall. Although my heart says Trent will win, expect Wolfgang to find a way to retain.

Polo Promotions (c) vs Team 3D – Tag Team Titles

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Just days after their departure from WWE, Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley announced F&L as their first post WWE show, which was major for a UK company. Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo of Polo Promotions have long been classed as Europe’s finest team. After a brief hiatus from the company at the start of the year, they beat Joe Hendry and Davie Blaze at a recent Insane Fight Club to earn this shot against the greatest team of all time. Team 3Ds recent run in WWE was lackluster, which may leave many to question whether they still have what it takes to go toe-to-tow with the best we’ve got. Still, it is just amazing to have them at a Scottish Independent Wrestling show. With Bubba and Devon perform, this could be a classic. Polo will win to cement their place as one of the world’s top teams.

Team Dallas (Grado, Chris Renfrew, DCT, Sha Samuels) vs Team Black Label (Drew Galloway, Jack Jester, Bram, Kid Fite)

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A match nearly two years in the making, with the ownership of the company at stake. Just after last years Fear and Loathing, Red Lighting announced that he had acquired the controlling stake of the company from Mark Dallas, with Dallas regaining 50-50 stake at Shugs in July. Various underlying stories going on this match, such as if Chris Renfrew and Grado will be able to co-exist after Grado beat Renfrew to force him to leave the company in March, the two former tag partners in opposing sides in Fite and Samuels, and Galloway’s recent neck injury. Don’t expect top quality wrestling from this match, as it is all about the story. This will likely be the main event, so Team Dallas will win, giving Dallas full control. Also, expect some sort of Black Label breakup.

Stairway to heaven match – Zero G Title

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ICWs unique twist on the money in the bank ladder match, with the ladder only coming into play after four of the six participants have been eliminated via pinfall. Lionheart will be defending his title he has held since March, and he is in midst of a career altering heel run which has featured his best work. Challengers include the likes of Liverpool’s number one Zack Gibson and Liam Thomson, so it is bound to excite the crowd. The spanner in the works is Kenny Williams, who remains off the card after a recent losing run. I expect him to make his way into the match and win the title. Also expect this match to open the show.

BT Gunn vs Stevie Boy – Coffin Match

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Two former brothers in arms are set to conclude their rivalry in one of wrestling’s darkest match. After turning on the New Age Kliq earlier this year after they aligned with Team ICW, Stevie Boy has been out to end the career of BT Gunn, brutalising him at every opportunity. The coffin match stipulation opens up the opportunity for these two to beat each other to a bloody mess all over the Hydro. Stevie boy needs to win this feud, as he has more to gain than Gunn, as this could spring board him up the card to main event status.

Joe Hendry vs Davie Blaze

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The final grudge match of the evening with huge stakes for both men. Davie Blaze under went a much needed heel turn after he turned his back on Hendry after they lost the tag team titles to Polo Promotions, and at the same time, re aligning with his former manager, The Wee Man. Stakes in this match are if Hendry wins, he gets five minutes alone with the Wee Man, but if he loses, he is gone from ICW for a year. This choice of stipulation makes me think that Hendry may have some outside plans and may want to take time away, but the IWC have been wrong about this in the past, Dolph Ziggler at No Mercy last month for example. My gut does tell me that Hendry is going nowhere, picking up the win and giving us the pleasure of seeing Wee Man get laid out in the centre of the ring.

Ricochet vs Lewis Girvan

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What an opportunity this is for Lewis Girvan, who just a couple of years ago, could be seen working in Argyle Street HMV when he wasn’t wrestling (heck, he may still work there!!), to take one one of the world’s most well-rounded young stars. Ricochet has been setting the wrestling world alight this year with his work in Lucha Underground as Prince Puma, and with New Japan Pro Wrestling, with his recent match against Britain’s Will Ospreay showing just how amazing a repertoire he has at his disposal. The level of performance Girvan will be able to put is set to make or break his future with the company. Whilst I believe a Ricochet win is inevitable, Girvan needs to put on a show in defeat.

Carmel (c) vs Kay Lee Ray vs Viper – Women’s Title

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For the second straight year, the ICW women’s title will be on the line in a triple threat match, and with all the recent spotlight on women’s wrestling world wide after WWE Hell in a Cell, there is a lot of pressure on these three to produce. Big question marks remain over for well Carmel has recovered from her recent knee injury, which will put a greater emphasis on Kay Lee Ray to be the pace setter in this match, whilst Viper‘s power will also be key. This stage is tailor made for Kay Lee Ray to finally be rewarded for her impressive surface to the company, fighting both the male and female stars regularly, and win the women’s crown.

Limited tickets are still available for what will be the greatest night in the history of European wrestling. Make sure you get yours soon so you don’t miss out on the ride.

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