ICW Shug’s 6 Preview

Our team look ahead to the biggest wrestling hoose party of the summer – both in Scotland and across the wrestling world – in Shug’s 6.

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Our team preview the biggest summer event of the Scottish wrestling calendar in Shug’s 6.

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It’s the biggest house party of the year!

Since it’s first annual show back in 2014, ICW Shug’s Hoose Party has cemented itself as a fan favourite.

Past installments of the event have seen some of the company’s most recognisable moments occur.

Who can forget that night when the wrestling audience was stunned when DCT turned yellow into gold last year by overcoming Stevie Boy?

And let’s not forget about The Pinky Party being created. Plus there is Noam Dar’s return to the company for one night only at Shug’s 4.

Shug’s is a weekend that many ICW fans mark on their calendar early doors. This year’s edition – ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 6– has the potential to steal the show once more.

We have the Intern taking on the Teacher when Leyton Buzzard and Joe Hendry finally face off with high stakes on both sides.

With the news Jeff Jarrett would not be appearing, Mark Dallas promised a big name as the replacement to face Just Justice Jackie Polo, he delivered – KUSHIDA is making his ICW debut on night 1.

Night two will see a three way TLC match when the Kings of Catch defend their tag titles against Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm, as well as the Nine9 team of Jack Morris and former tag title holder Dickie Divers.

With Lionheart’s recent untimely passing Wolfgang is without an opponent for the World Title, in which the person stepping up to continue the legacy won’t be revealed until the match is about to start.

All that and so much more has the makings of a cracking few nights of wrestling.

Sarah and her team of ICW fanatics discuss Shug’s 6 and who they think will be winning the match-ups.

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