ICW Square Go 2018 Preview

It’s nearly Square Go time, and our panel run down the card for the first ICW’s big shows of 2018, plus the lineup for the next nights massive Fight Club taping.

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Anybody ready for a Square Go? We preview the ICW Square Go 2018 event

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The ICW Square Go 2018 is the first big event of the calendar year for Scottish promotion Insane Championship Wrestling.

Taking place in Glasgow’s O2 ABC, the show is headlined by the Square Go match – the company’s equivalent to the Royal Rumble.

Much like the WWE showcase, 30 wrestlers will enter the match at time intervals in an over the top rope battle royal. The main difference between the two matches is that in the Square Go, five random entrants will be assigned a weapon. The winner will be guaranteed a championship match at any point in the next 12 months.

Other matches include Bram cashing in his number one contender briefcase he won at Fear and Loathing against ICW World Champion BT Gunn. Former TNA World Champion James Storm will make his ICW debut as he squares off with Jack Jester.

Other scheduled matches will see the POD – Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown – defend their tag team championship against The Purge, whilst Kasey puts her ICW Women’s Title on the line versus Session Moth Martina.

Here, the team give their in-depth look at the full card, who the potential favourites and dark horses are for the main event, and what the next 12 months hold for ICW following on from this show.

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