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We spoke to ”Cowboy” James Storm ahead of his match at The Hydro against Grado. He talks briefly about his career and plans with ICW.

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The beer drinking, moonshine sipping, Johnny Cash listening Cowboy James Storm speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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The Cowboy James Storm is a recognisable name in the world of wrestling.  Probably as well known for drinking beer as he is for wrestling.

Storm is mostly associated with TNA where he made his name as a tag team wrestler in America’s Most Wanted with Chris Harris and later Beer Money with WWE superstar Bobby Roode.

In total Storm would be tag champion 14 times in TNA.

Storm did everything that could be done in TNA including a brief reign as world champion. He made a blink and you’ll miss it run in NXT before heading back to TNA. Now he’s enjoying success on the indies wrestling for whoever he pleases.

Recently he’s been stirring things up in ICW having a brutal Texas death match against Ravie Davie at Shugs Hoose Party 5. Now he’s set to face off ICW mainstay Grado at Fear & Loathing 11 in the Hydro. A match that will see WWE Hall of Famer and TNA founder Jeff Jarrett as the guest referee.

Our resident DJ Ryan Gallagher sits down with Storm to talk about his career including his reasons for choosing TNA over NXT, his match with Grado, any future plans with ICW and if he possibly sees WWE in his future.

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