Mikey Whiplash Interview

We speak to Mikey Whiplash discussing his journey in wrestling to now being Head Trainer and Promoter at Source Wrestling as well as promoting Fierce Females whilst still wrestling. Also hear stories of wrestling around the world, deathmatch logistics and his time with other wrestlers

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ICW star and Source Wrestling School head coach Mikey Whiplash speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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He is Legion. We are many.

Mikey Whiplash is an extremely well-known name in ICW and up and down the British wrestling scene, and one of the most interesting people in the wrestling scene.

Having started off as a football and rugby player, he got into wrestling to keep up with this cardio and conditioning while being out injured. After admitting he believed that wrestling was fake, he didn’t realise that this would kick start a career now spanning 18 years.

Sarah Grieve got the chance to catch up with Mikey Whiplash to talk about his well-established career. He talks how he transitioned from wrestling to coaching upcoming talent, to running a training school and starting his own promotions, as well as his take on the current state of the British wrestling scene.

He tells all about becoming the head trainer of Source and then creating a promotion out of the school as well as running Scotland’s only all women’s wrestling promotion, Fierce Females.

Other talking points are his reasons for moving to Scotland, an insight to the inspiration behind his Legion character, the development for the character, and how he ended up having to escape a hotel room in his underwear.

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