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In a stacked interview, Irish trio More Than Hype discuss their initial training, development, recent tours in Scotland and their future goals.

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Irish trio More Than Hype speak to Suplex Retweet.

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It’s no secret that the Irish Wrestling scene is in the midst of a boom period.

After years of half empty halls and an over-reliance on ‘past it’ WWE stars to draw in the fans, it’s refreshing to see a fresh crop of talented wrestlers make their way up the ranks.

Sarah caught up with three young lads who come from this very group, who have a very bright future in the wrestling industry.

LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin and Darren Kearney make up the trio known as ‘More Than Hype’. The trio are more than just a stable. They are a brotherhood that have each other’s backs at every turn.

LJ is the outspoken, charismatic lad most recognised by his wild, curly hair. Nathan is a more reserved, introverted fighter. Darren operates as the technician of the trio who’s style is very aggressive and hard-hitting.

Each member compliments the other extremely well, and their ability to stand out from other factions in OTT.

LJ, Nathan and Darren all discuss what got them into wrestling in the first place, including Darren admitting he used to use old shopping bags with cut out holes for his legs and pretend he was Kurt Angle.

The boys also discuss with Sarah about their recent debuts at Insane Championship Wrestling at the King of Hawners tournament and Shug’s Hoose Party 6, PROGRESS as well as Reckless Intent and Source Wrestling and where they would like to compete at in the future.

The fun loving guys who are extremely full of life talked about how they started teaming together. They also talk how the brotherhood of More Than Hype was created and why they love the art of wrestling.

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