We take a look back at the legendary nWo stable discussing its inception, impact and how it has inspired and changed wrestling still to this day.


Our panel analyse the history of arguably wrestling greatest stable – the nWo.

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It’s not often that three men shift the destination of the sport so dramatically.

But that’s what happened at Bash at the Beach 1996 when Hulk Hogan shocked the wrestling world. That night, The Immortal One relieved himself to be the third man to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, betraying WCW in the process.

With actions, Hogan declared war on the company, calling the trio ‘the new world order of wrestling.’ As a result, the nWo was formed.

The stable played a pivotal role in giving WCW a stronghold on the Monday Night Wars for a number of weeks. Not only that, they helped transition wrestling to a more mainstream audience.

The idea of ‘cool heels’ caught on with the young adult demographic, and made the sport must see across the world.

nWo would dominate WCW for most of the late-90s. As their success grew, so did their numbers. The group grew so big at one that they split off into two separate entities – nWo Hollywood and Wolfpac.

Their legacy in wrestling remains still to this day. The signature nWo logo and t-shirt are still seen regularly in pop culture.

Over in Japan, they were the catalyst behind the successful Bullet Club group, who would also make use of their ‘Too Sweet’ hand gesture.

With the nWo, it’s hard to imagine where wrestling would be today. Here, Andy and his panel look back at the stable’s foundations, from that infamous inception, their legendary feud with Sting and their overall impact in the sport.

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