NXT Takeover Greatest Matches

With 5 years since the first TakeOver PPV, we look back at our top 8 matches of TakeOver history discussing the build ups, matches themselves and impact made.

our greatest nxt takeover match

Pick one match from each Takeover then rank them? Easy work. Our panel pick out their NXT Takeover greatest matches.

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The historic launch of the WWE Network was marked with the debut of an event that would soon become a sensation.

NXT Arrival aired on February 27th 2014 to critical acclaim.

The event would soon lead the way for NXT Takeover, which has produced some of the greatest matches and moments seen in any WWE ring in the last five years.

Steven Wilson and his panel took on the hard task of deciding their favourite eight matches from the history of the event- which involved taking their top bout from each Takeover and ranking them all, which proved to be no mean feat.

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