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We look back at the wrestling career of Owen Hart discussing some of our favourite moments / matches, his legacy and the future he could’ve had without his untimely death.

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Our panel look back on the career of one of the greatest, Owen Hart.

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20 years ago, one of wrestling’s most tragic incidents occurred.

Owen Hart, wrestling as the Blue Blazer, fell 78ft from the rafter during his entrance to the ring at the Over The Edge 1999 PPV. He sadly passed away hours later whilst the event was still taking place.

To many, the youngest of the Hart family’s children was one of the finest to lace a pair of boots.

Trained by his father in the famous Hart Dungeon, Owen debuted in the business in 1983. Whilst he wrestled all over the world, ‘The Rocket’ was best known to fans for his time in the World Wrestling Federation from 1991 to 1999.

A tag team specialist initially, he achieved notable success, winning gold with British Bulldog, Yokuzuna and Jeff Jarrett.

It was 1994 however that Owen made his claim as a singles competitor in an acclaimed feud with his brother Bret. The chemistry between the two was instant, and their matches unbelievable. Their singles matches that year at Wrestlemania and Summerslam are among the best of all time.

A man with natural charisma, he was never afraid to make a fool of himself. Be it collecting Slammys or being mocked by DX.

One thing that stands true to this day though was how loved Owen was by his peers. Very little bad words have been said about the man, despite his habit for backstage pranks.

Now, two decades on from his tragic death, Derek Kernahan and his panel look back on the career of Owen Hart. They talk their favourite matches and money as well as what his overall legacy is in the business.

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