Royal Rumble 2020 Quiz

For the second time ever, we bring you the Suplex Retweet Rumble but with an added twist in our Royal Rumble 2020 Quiz.

royal rumble 2020 quiz

Who will reign supreme as our team test their knowledge in the Royal Rumble 2020 Quiz.

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Last year, we brought you the unique and chaotic concept that was our Royal Rumble Quiz.

It was a show that saw both tears and jubilation as David Haughney bested seven other panelists to claim the ESSR Title.

As if we didn’t find that night manic enough, we decided to do it all again this year. Yes folks, it’s the Royal Rumble 2020 Quiz! Bigger and better than last year.

David returns this year to defend his crown, and he is faced by a familiar foe. That foe being Scott Mcleod, who lost to the King of Kayfabe on a tie-breaker in 2019 but has won the last two ESSR quizzes.

Our quiz masters face a formidable task this year though with a solid field of opponents. Having hosted the last two quizzes, Steven Wilson returns as a competitor with a mixed bagged of success in the past.

Another former ESSR quiz winner in Stacey Smith also returns, as well as Andy Mitchell, often seen by some (David Campbell), as the spare part in this quizzes.

Mr Reliable Nathan Fisher brings his historic knowledge to the table, with two ESSR newbies rounding off the field in Daniel Campbell and Ryan Wilson.

Ross has the questions looking to match the success of last year’s quiz. With plenty of thrills and spills, you can cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Who will claim the ESSR title? We’ll soon find out in this the Royal Rumble 2020 Quiz.

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