Royal Rumble 2020 Review

We talk and discuss all the matches and moments of this years Royal Rumble PPV discussing the show and the fall out.

royal rumble 2020

See who WWE has pegged for big things in 2020 in our review of the first big four PPV of the year.

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The Royal Rumble event is always one of the most hyped on the wrestling calendar.

Whether it always lives up to said hype is another story, but it’s fair to say that the 2020 addition did exactly what we’d expect.

It was a packed night of action that included, as now appears the norm, two of its signature Royal Rumble match-ups.

The women’s Rumble had a greater sense of surprise pre-event. This was down to only seven competitors being announced ahead of time.

With this, there was a greater sense of the unexpected, which helped create some top moments.

The men’s Rumble was the complete opposite, with almost the full field pre-announced. That match’s twist was with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar entering at Number 1.

Lasting half-an-hour, The Beast Incarnate dominated the early portion of the match, before his elimination helped create a new star. That, and the shock return of a WWE legend made this one of the more memorable Rumbles in recent times.

The 2020 Royal Rumble also saw four championships defended – three of which were on the main card. Becky Lynch looked to vanquish her demons from last year in the form of Asuka, whilst Daniel Bryan tried to conquer a real-life demon in The Fiend.

With so much to discuss, Gary Kernahan makes his main show hosting debut to analyse all the events from the Royal Rumble. The team pick out their top moments and what we can see happening on the road to WrestleMania.

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