Royal Rumble MVPs

We discuss our superstar MVPs who over the years of the Royal Rumble have really stunned and created memorable moments and legendary stats.

royal rumble mvps

What does it take to be classed as the top performer in one of WWE’s landmark matches? Our team analyse who are their Rumble MVPs.

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When it comes to the Royal Rumble, it’s not always about winning to some.

Whilst each year’s contest will undoubtedly have its favourites going into the event, there are several wrestlers we look to.

With great interest, we try to judge how they will perform and how long they will last in the match.

To some, it might always be how long they survive in the Rumble though. It is how dominant they can be in whatever amount of time their in the ring.

Be it five minutes or 30, the amount of eliminations you score when you’re in the Rumble could create a lasting legacy.

Outwith these statistics, your performance can also be judged by the moments you create that defines your year.

A superstar may do little in terms of concrete Rumble action, but one feat of athleticism or big story development could get all the eyes on you.

Look at the wonders Rumble moments have done for the likes of Kofi Kingston and John Morrison.

Each of these arguments can be seen as the answer to one important question. What can make a wrestler a Rumble MVP?

In this latest podcast, Ross and his panel look back at their top Royal Rumble MVPs. In doing so, they look at the superstars who over the years of the Royal Rumble have really stunned and created memorable moments, as well as legendary stats.

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