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We spoke to ”Sparkling” Sammie Jo about her wrestling career to date, run with Source Wrestling and Fierce Females, future goals and the upcoming high stakes match against long term foe Emily Hayden.

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Source Wrestling graduate and Fierce Females star Sammie Jo speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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Source Wrestling school has been producing talent for so many years and one stand out name is the “Sparkling One.”

Sarah caught up with “Sparkling” Sammie Jo to discuss her career to date and also what lies ahead.

Sammie talks about how she has become well known for intergender wrestling. On two occasions Sammie has wrested for the SWA X Championship, once against Kieran Kelly and once against Glenn Dunbar when it was known as the Scottish Junior Heavyweight Title.

Sammie talks about her life outside of wrestling as she is also a midwife, and a mother. Her and Sarah also talk about her time training at Source, and her views on women’s wrestling being front and centre in a lot of promotions.

They also discuss her possibly career altering match with Emily Hayden ahead of their “I Do” match at Scotland’s only all female promotion, Fierce Females on June 23rd. The pair also discuss Sammie finding her niche by incorporating famous dances into her matches as a form of attack.

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