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We had a chat with Simon Miller talking about becoming a wrestler and his media work. As well as that, a message and a question was put to Simon by Lou King Sharp himself!

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YouTube star turned wrestler Simon Miller talks to Suplex Retweet.

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Ahead of his first ever Scottish appearance at Discovery Wrestling, we sat down with successful YouTube reviewer turned wrestler Simon Miller.

Simon discusses Defiant Wrestling, what it was like making his debut in No Regrets Rumble, and how the company has grown and changed from the early warehouse days of the former WCPW.

He also gives us an insight into the severity of this shoulder injury and how he is dealing with such a major blow so early into his professional wrestling career.

In the lead up to the interview, Simon was involved in a heated online feud with Lou King Sharp. Sharp has aimed a series of YouTube and Twitter rants at the What Culture personality, which brought him to Discovery. Simon uses this interview to respond to the Blood Tourist, giving his thoughts on the reasoning behind the outbursts and the possibility of a future match between the two.

All this and more, including Miller’s thoughts on Defiant, his goals for the future, getting his start at What Culture and of course, our usual quick fire round of questions.

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