Six big questions coming out of the ICW Square Go 2020

Just over a week following the ICW Square Go, Kwaku looks at what we may see soon following on from the event’s big talking points.

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It’s often said that the Square Go is where the landscape of ICW changes. With the recent events in the ninth annual installment, I thought I’d take a look at the fallout and new rivalries we can look forward to.

So here are some of the big questions we want to see answered in ICW over the next few months.

When will Kez cash in?

It only seems appropriate to start off with the winner of the Square Go contract winner.

Kez is a wrestler who has split opinion but for me, he is someone you just love to hate. Known for his dastardly antics, I’m already hooked to see who, when and where he cashes in.

In an interview with us five months ago, Kez did say that his goal was to dominate and hold the Zero G Division hostage. He has certainly taken a big step towards that.

However, with a new World Heavyweight Champion in Noam Dar, maybe he fancies the opportunity at Dar. After all, he’s already beaten a NXT UK Superstar in Ilja Dragunov.

Either side of the divide whether you love Kez or not, it’s an exciting time for us. With someone I see as the future of ICW holding a very powerful contract.

How will Andy Wild seek revenge on Alexander Dean?

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This is a rivalry I’ve said in the past that I’d love to see and I have got my wish.

It is noted that these 2 go way back however there’s clearly some bad blood between the once  good friends. Going into the Square Go, Andy was a favourite by many including me. During the match itself, he looked even stronger. He even eliminated previous Square Go winner Wolfgang as well as Trent Seven, who both lasted a long time in the match.

Later into the match, both wrestlers were fighting on the ring apron and Dean was eliminated by Wild. This didn’t stick with Alexander so he struck Andy causing his knee to buckle causing his elimination.

The laughter on the face of Alexander Dean clearly showed no remorse in fact, he has already started ‘’Politickin’’’. Dean has started retweeting old tweets between himself and Andy Wild. In doing this, he is clearly trying to get in to the head of Andy. It is worth noting that Andy does currently hold the UEWA Heavyweight Championship.

A title that Dean held proudly and brought to Scotland. We are in for a treat with this rivalry as both of them know how to really build an epic main event match, keep you invested along the way and this has the hallmarks to be very personal.

I would say the Politickin’ Timebomb has already exploded, Alexander Dean may say he’s only getting started!

Will the Fite Network continue to be targets of the NXT UK stars?

A crowning moment for both Lou King Sharp and Krieger to finally become ICW Tag Team Champions.

Their celebrations were cut short by first of all Kenny Williams who is on a crusade to ‘’Save ICW’’ as he says it is full of ‘’forever trainees’’.

The first we got to hear of this was a year ago when Kenny tweeted about this with photos of wrestlers including Krieger. The comment has been a catalyst for the Fite Network. Over 2019, both men came on leaps and bounds all-round.

Lou King Sharp toured around the world as The Blood Tourist and had a few deathmatches along the way and Krieger has become a fan favourite and worked incredibly hard. Just look at the shape he’s got in to.

Williams had a few choice words for the two following their big win. This ended up leading to Mark Coffey jumping in to the ring and attacked Sharp and Krieger.

Is this the statement of intent from Williams and Coffey to insert themselves in to the Tag Team Championship picture? Only time will tell…

What will we see next from DCT and Just Jaxn?

A rivalry I’ve said in the past that would be absolutely heart breaking but yet seeing the two of them square off was just epic.

DCT and Jaxn are long time friends and even former stable mates in Polo Promotions. They’ve always had each other’s backs however that all changed when Jackie turned on DCT in 2018.

First by attacking him with the help of DCT’s former manager and pal Coach Trip. Then there was the brutal end to a match following the attack where Jackie won the World Heavyweight Championship from DCT.

DCT went on to wrestle in Australia. Whilst on the East Coast, he appears to have got an awakening after the betrayal from 2 people he considered as brothers. This has been illustrated by Dee incorporated a completely different side of himself.

Polo on the other hand, last seen at Shug’s House Party 2019 when he took on NXT Superstar Kushida.

Return of two champs

After that match, Jackie announced that not only is Just Justice retiring, but he doesn’t even know if Jackie Polo would return back to ICW.

From Fear and Loathing, we’ve seen a series of videos teasing a return of two different people leaving fans guessing on who is coming to ICW.

After the opening match, a video package started with the six letters constantly re-arranging. It eventually stopped on ‘’UST’’ and ‘’AXN’’ to then zoom out with the letter ‘J’ beside them. SWG3 erupted when a remixed version of ‘I’ll Be Back Again’ started playing, revealing Jackie to the audience.

However, when he reached the ring, a second video started playing showing the footsteps of a man walking in. Moments later, it was revealed to be be DCT.

The two squared off in the ring after DCT laid a kiss on Simon Cassidy, only to distract Polo and attack him.

The two started brawling and it was clear that Polo didn’t want to engage in the brawl. He would eventually escape before the brawl got to a boiling point.

To me, this segment was just amazing to see and done perfectly. No words were needed and it’s just the best long-term storytelling you can get. DCT is always someone that appealed to the heart strings of fans and one you would always will on to win.

Polo has had a number of rivalries that are personal, gripping you with excitement to see what happens next. I’m personally excited to see what happens next between two people who are my absolute favourites in ICW. 

Are we heading for a Bad Company/OVE feud?

The Square Go match kicked off with BT Gunn and Sami Callihan entering 1 and 2 respectively. It was safe to say that the hatchet wasn’t buried from Fear & Loathing as they went hell for leather on each other.

We were treated to a nice surprise as Sami’s stable mate Jake Crist entered the Square Go. Following all three of them being eliminated, they continued to brawl on the ramp. The Purge would eventually coame out to help their fellow Bad Company mate BT Gunn, planting the seeds for a possible OVE and Bad Company feud.

Looking at the members of OVE (Ohio Versus Everything), Sami Callihan is already locked in a war with BT Gunn. This doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

The Crist Brothers Jake & Dave are multi time Tag Team Champions across various promotions and are the natural foes for The Purge. This leaves a six foot eight, 315lbs man in Madman Fulton. Just imagine the absolute explosion if Fulton faced off with Wolfgang.

I’m personally a huge fan of tag team wrestling and stable warfare. As a result, this match excites me and it has the makings to be absolutely brutal!

Is this the beginning of a Kings of Catch split?

Not going to lie, as many would know I’m a huge fan of Kings of Catch and it pains me to even have to write this bit but here we go!

The Filthy Generation members were both entering the Square Go and from promos to Billy’s commentary, it was mentioned that the two may have different plans if either Lewis or Aspen won the Square Go Match as the contract could be cashed in on any championship.

Lewis had a strong performance in the match entering at number 5, lasting 39 minutes and delivering 12 low blows. However, it was when the 2 of them were working on Zander in the corner, Zander countered Lewis raising him over the top rope and on to the ring apron. He then did the same to Aspen who in avertedly knocked Girvan off the apron thus eliminating him.

Aspen Faith was then eliminated too leaving the two of them a bit bewildered with what just happened. It’s worth keeping an eye on however they’ll need to get back on the same page as it has just been announced that they’ll take on Kenny Williams and Mark Coffey on the 22nd of March.   

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