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With milestone episode coming up for ”The Blue Brand” we look back and discuss the inception of SmackDown and also our favourite moments throughout the years!

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In honour of Smackdown 1000 we look back at the history of the blue brand.

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The Journey of a 1000 episodes begins with a single word. When the Rock first talked about laying the SmackDown few could have imaged where it would lead.

August 1999 WWE premiered the first episode of their second brand to capitalise on the company’s popularity and compete with WCW’s second show Thunder. Now almost 20 years later SmackDown is about to air it’s 1000thepisode.

The show has gone through many changes from the first brand split featuring the SmackDown 6 to being made to feel like B show to the days when it became little ore than a recap of Raw to become the must watch show again thanks to the second brand split.

It may have started as the Rock’s show but superstars like the Undertaker, Edge, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar among others have made SmackDown their show over the years.

It’s had a revolving door of General Managers from Stephane McMahon to Teddy Long to Vickie Guerrero and most recently Paige. Our panel have very strong opinions about certain Gm’s.

Join host David Haughney and the panel as they look back at the beginnings of SmackDown, talk some of their favourite moments, which wrestlers they most associate with that show and look ahead to what might happen on Smackdown 1000 and going forth with the big money FOX deal.

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