We look back at the career of The Icon Sting discussing his runs in WCW, TNA and later arrival in WWE. With rumours of a potential return of The Vigilante, we also discuss potential dream matches we’d like to see


With a career spanning nearly 30 years, our team look back at the best of the icon Sting.

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One word that inspires thoughts of so many more.

Scorpion, surfer, crow, joker, vigilante, icon, rebel, holdout. The list goes on.

The one word our panel of Ross Mcleod, Ryan Wilson, and Chris Murray all agree on is Legend.

Join the guys as they do their best to compact a glittering 30 plus year career into 90 minutes.

The guys talk the dizzying highs of his Clash of Champions match and follow up feud with Ric Flair.

They talk his transformation from hyped up surfer dude to the iconic Black and white face paint we seen throughout WCW, TNA, and eventually WWE. They also discuss the frustrating lows such as the finish to Starrcade 1997, heel Sting vs Face Hogan, certain TNA booking calls, and of course THAT Jeff Hardy match.

The guys also talk frustrations of his 2015 WWE run and also fantasy book matches should The Crow ever decide to rise again. So listen in to a show all about the man who became the most popular superstar in both WCW and TNA.

The man who made WWE wait nearly 30 years for his presence. The man who inspired a generation of wrestlers to take up the sport. The Man. Called. STING!

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