Sugar Dunkerton Interview

We had a chat with Sugar Dunkerton who recently has been storming the UK wrestling scene. We chat about his career, story and future ambitions whilst wrestling around the world.

sugar dunkerton

The highly entertaining Sugar Dunkerton sits down with Suplex Retweet.

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Despite being from the US, Sugar Dunkerton has been making a name for himself on the UK wrestling scene. Not to be taken lightly as while he’s been entertaining & making audiences laugh while also showing that he can get it done between the ropes.

He has competed in the tournament to crown the inaugural Source wrestling champion as well as competing for promotions like PCW & Reckless Intent.

Reckless being significant as he won the company’s hardcore championship something he doesn’t take lightly. He looks to follow hardcore icons like Norman Smiley & Crash Holly to be remembered as the most hardcore man in Scotland.

Suge sits down with Kwaku Adjei just hours before competing in the first ever HISTORIC Zombie lumberjack match for Discovery wrestling against Gene Money. What could prove to be his final match. Pray for him.

He talks all about the match as well as why he decided to pursue opportunities in the UK, an interesting match he had at Source with Shaun Walker and his relationship with the Kings of Catch.

He’s also not shy about talking about his future goals like wrestling for ICW & NXT UK.

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