Superstar Profile: Daniel Bryan

The panel discuss the initial run with WWE of Daniel Bryan following his recent clearance to compete again.

daniel bryan celebrates winning the world championship at wrestlemania 30

Our Wrestlemania week coverage continues as we look back on the career of Daniel Bryan as he gets ready to return to the ring two years after retirement.

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In the same venue where Daniel Bryan pulled off the miracle on Bourbon street by winning the WWE world championship at WrestleMania 30 he pulls off another miracle by returning for his first match since his forced retirement two years earlier.

He returns to team with Shane McMahon against the team of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Regardless if this would have been your choice for his return match it’s great to see him back.

One of the best technical wrestlers and one of the most naturally loved babyfaces in WWE history. When Bryan had to step away from in ring competition it was a sad day for wresting fans.

Then on March 20th, 2018 the moment we’d all be waiting for finally became reality as Bryan was announced to be cleared to return to the ring.

Tune to the panel hosted by David Haughney as they look back at Bryan’s run in the WWE from the rise of the yes movement, his battles with the authority and the injuries that ultimately caused him to have to retire and become GM of SmackDown.

They also talk about some of the potential dream matches that are possible now that Bryan is cleared to wrestle.

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