A man who was alerted to the podcast by the sound of a mysterious ‘mating call’,  The BIG DOG Allan continues to compete with Ross over who is the bigger fan of The Rock.

He’s also had the misfortune of finishing second place so many times that it has prompted a renaming of the ‘Nathan Fisher Award’.

Despite this, the newly crowned ‘King of Amsterdam’ has developed greatly since joining the pod, recently interviewing various ICW personnel such as Simon Cassidy and Billy Kirkwood whilst providing the panels with various rants about Brock Lesnar.

Best and Worst Championship Belts

The panel wear their art critique hats discussing the best looking Championship Title Belts, to the ones that are just straight up honking. Hear us go down memory lane discussing belts of the past and the memories from them.

Mental Health in Wrestling

The panel discuss mental health in the world of wrestling tackling the stigma on it as well as discussing how wrestling has been a great form of escapism.

Best and worst WrestleMania venues

ESSR turns into Location Location Location as the panel pick their favourite and least favourite venues that have hosted WrestleMania throughout the years. A topic fitting for the present as 36 will be held in the WWE Performance Centre with nobody in attendance due to COVID-19.

Social Media in Wrestling

We look in to the world of Social Media discussing how it’s affected wrestling as a whole talking about the good and bad. We slide in to some hot topic debate without poking about areas and ensure that every point is nudged.

Royal Rumble MVPs

We discuss our superstar MVPs who over the years of the Royal Rumble have really stunned and created memorable moments and legendary stats.

ESSR Turns Two

In a special edition of the podcast, our team celebrates turning two with a fun-filled show talking moments of our history to-date and much more.