David Campbell

The first multi-time ESSR world champion, David Campbell has been dubbed the GOAT for winning many prediction sweepstakes. He even took the ESSR world championship global…at least as far as Boston, MA.

With a background in film, David’s appearances on the panel always result in passionate and well-spoken promos.

A stickler for drama, David recently performed the greatest heel turn in podcast history. He betrayed Scott Mcleod on the NXT Takeover history show bycashing in his spare change in the tin to regain the ESSR Championship.

GLOW Season 2 Review

Following on from our Season 1 review show, we talked about Season 2 of the NetFlix original GLOW discussing our favourite moments, some of the bold issues they raised in society and our predictions for Season 3.

Wrestlers in Mainstream Media

We brought together the best panel to discuss those times that you see a wrestler, WWE and beyond appear in a film or a TV show, how it may have affected their career in a positive or a negative way and also fantasy cast some of our favourite films.