A man with a thirst for gold as high as Tommaso Ciampa, Scott has grown into one of the pod’s most solid panelists.

As well as being the biggest Kane fan of the team, the younger McLeod brother also co-hosts Scott and Paul’s Rambling Podcast. Along side Paul Brown, they discuss discuss wrestling, Frasier and of course rambling.

King of the Ring 99 Rebook

Hindsight is an amazing thing. Many wrestling fans will looks back on the events of the past and think, they should have done that differently? For the first time, our panel take an in-depth look at a past event and look at how they’d have booked it back at the time. In this first edition, we look at the 1999 King of the Ring, a show which featured Billy Gunn becoming king and a briefcase that wouldn’t stay still.

Demise of WCW

It was the show that never originally made it to the podcast. No, not because we were controversial, but the recording software broke. Now, its take 2. Our panel take an in-depth look at the company that came so close to dethroning WWE as the dominant promotion, WCW