The founding father and ‘higher power’ of the ESSR army. Steven oversees the operation of the Suplex Retweet podcast series and is the show’s primary host.

With a broad knowledge of the industry, Steven leads discussions on a wide range of subjects from stables to WCW.

For some reason, he thinks John Cena’s real name is Allen Jones and is madly in love with Becky Lynch.

Wrestling Weekenders

The panel look at the concept of a Wrestling Weekenders, discussing existing shows and some that may benefit from being over 2 nights.

Best and Worst Championship Belts

The panel wear their art critique hats discussing the best looking Championship Title Belts, to the ones that are just straight up honking. Hear us go down memory lane discussing belts of the past and the memories from them.

Triple H

After a celebrating 25 years in WWE, we look at the wrestling career of ”The Game” Triple H discussing matches and moments of the Cerebral Assassin.

Debating Chamber: WrestleMania 36 Special

With WrestleMania 36 going ahead despite a World pandemic that has seen a lock-down across the globe, we assemble 4 panelists and lock them in to our infamous Debating Chamber debating whether or not WrestleMania should’ve gone ahead or not.

Best and worst WrestleMania venues

ESSR turns into Location Location Location as the panel pick their favourite and least favourite venues that have hosted WrestleMania throughout the years. A topic fitting for the present as 36 will be held in the WWE Performance Centre with nobody in attendance due to COVID-19.

Thunder Rosa Interview

We spoke to current NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa on her beginnings in the industry, her time in Lucha Underground and joining NWA and winning one of their top prizes.

Elimination Chamber History

We look back over some of our favourite and not so favourite Elimination Chamber matches discussing the concept, legacy and what we’d like to see in the future.