The Debating Chamber

This podcast sees the debut of our newest concept: The Debating Chamber. Two topics will be debated in the format of an Elimnation Chamber match.

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We debut our newest show concept. A debate in the format of the Elimination Chamber match. Its the Debating Chamber.

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Wrestling fans love a good old debate. Especially in the era of social media were so many are passionate and opinionated about their beliefs.

Us at Suplex Retweet are no different. We regularly enjoy chewing the fat on various topics in the sport, be it past, present or future.

We also enjoy taking concepts, innovating them and incorporating out-the-box ideas to make them special.

As a result, we have introduced a new show type for the podcast.

The Debating Chamber.

Six panels will enter the battleground in what is a unique spin on a debate in the format of the famous Elimination Chamber.

Pre-show, the participants were given six potential topics of discussions. Two picked randomly on the show, with one debated in each half.

Also at random, two panelists were picked at randomly to start the debate, with the side of the argument they had to defend also being random.

Every five minutes, a new participant will enter one side of the discussion until we end up with a three-on-three debate.

A show to truly test the knowledge of our team. Putting their ability to argue a point that don’t necessarily agree with makes for interesting listening.

Steven is tasked with the duties on moderating the chaos and judging who will win, and who will face the wrath of Kwaku’s array of forfeits.

A definite must listen.

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