The Rock Attitude Era

Our show this week is about, The Jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, get your self comfy and take your seat, we’re talking The Rock on Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet!

the rock as WWE Champ in the attitude era

In the first in a series of podcasts, we take our first look back at the career of The Rock. Part 1 sees us look back at the Attitude Era portion of his CV.

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He is the most electrifying man in the history ofsports entertainment.

He is a wrestler who defied early expectations to become one of the most popular men in all of wrestling. A third generation superstar who took his career on a different path to others that came before him.

We are of course talking about the Jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, get your self comfy and take your seat, The Rock.

Despite a main portion that lasted around 7 years, The People’s Champion achieved so much in a short space of time. So much so that he is considered by many as a guarantee on their Mount Rushmore of Wrestling.

On top of that, his post full time career in the sport is stellar. A star outside the ring who has taken Hollywood by storm, it was difficult to maximise The Rock’s glittering history in just one show.

As a result, we decided to cover The Great One’s career in a series of podcasts.

The first of these shows takes a look back at the late 90s portion of The Rock, arguably the point where he became the face of the WWE. In a time where wrestling really hit mainstream popularity levels, Dwayne Johnson played a big role is transcending the sport to new height.

This is The Great One Episode 1, The Rock Attitude Era edition.

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