The Sam Barbour Experience Interview

Sarah interviewed the most handsome man in Scottish Entertainment, Sam Barbour. Main discussion points were what got him in to wrestling, his goals and current involvement with ICW and Wrestling Experience Scotland.

the sam barbour experience

GPWA graduate The Sam Barbour Experience talks to Suplex Retweet.

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Relax! Don’t do it, when you want to go do it.

He is “The Most Handsome Man in Scottish Entertainment”. He loves lollipops and always wants to put on a show, to make the crowd feel emotions they have never felt before.

The Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum has been running for a short number of years now and is continually producing great talent. Many ICW and Wrestling Experience Scotland fans will be familiar with this electrifying GPWA stand out.

In her very first interview for Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet, Sarah Grieve got the chance to sit down with an original class graduate from the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, The Sam Barbour Experience. Sam talked about his very short time at Source Wrestling School, and the transition to his time training at GPWA. He also talked about channelling his inner lion for his grudge battle with fellow GPWA graduate, Ravie-Davie, when for the first time ever, the two trainees headlined an Asylum show at Night at the Asylum 4.

SBX also talks about choosing to team with RUDO at the Wrestling Experience Scotland show in Maryhill, and how Mikey Whiplash‘s words backstage one day gave him the motivation to step away from the backstage microphone and show everybody the real Sam Barbour Experience.

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