The Team

The podcast isn’t a one man band nor a 3MB. We have a top rank team of regulars who help to make Suplex Retweet the product that is it.

Steven – The Boss Man

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The founding father and ‘higher power’ of the ESSR army, Steven oversees the operation of the Suplex Retweet podcast series and is the show’s primary host.  With a broad knowledge of the industry, Steven leads discussions on a wide range of subjects from stables to WCW.

For some reason, he thinks John Cena’s real name is Allen Jones and is madly in love with Becky Lynch.

Favourite Wrestler: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Favourite Match: TLC 2 – Wrestlemania 17

Kwaku – The MVEP

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Down since day one is H, Kwaku leads as the show’s executive producer, editor and all round technical mastermind.  Kwaku‘s knowledge of wrestling spans across several promotions across the length of Scotland. He has also had the pleasure of interviewing some well known names on the circuit.

Currently on a quest to get WWE to bring back pyro, he also has a massive cable package and is the focal point in the campaign to have the first ever ‘Kwaku on a Pole’ match.

Favourite Wrestler: Chris Jericho

Favourite Match: TLC 2 – Wrestlemania 17

David H – The King of Kayfabe

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The analyst of the team and the inaugural ESSR Champion, David provides all the random facts and stats of the wrestling world, until another team member slams him for botching or micro-hosting.

The biggest WWE mark of the team, David is a purist in the art of kayfabe and has drawn comparisons to Drew Gulak for his approach to analysis.

Favourite Wrestler: AJ Styles

Favourite Match: John Cena vs CM Punk – Money in the Bank 2011

Stacey – The True Total Diva

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Stacey may have only started watching wrestling a few years ago, but has become an avid follower of various promotions including WWE and ICW.

A massive fan of Total Divas and Total Bellas, Stacey never fails to provide hilarity in quizzes with not only her answers, but with her creative names for finishing moves such as renaming Ember Moon’s ‘Eclipse’ as the ‘Wine Lover’.

Favourite Wrestler: Nikki Bella

Favourite Match: Wolfgang vs Liam Thomson – Good Housekeeping

Ross – The Advocate of RossCo

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Sliding into the DM’s, Ross is the team’s sweepstakes expert, spending a number of long, painful hours deciding the destination of the ESSR Title.

Ross has been on hand to provide live tweets and commentary from various wrestling shows and PPVs, backed up by his quick wit and creative sense of humour. His ability to remember obscure moments in wrestling still shocks the team to this day.

Apparently he has a weird obsession with memes about Billy Gunn and claims to have numerous ‘best friends‘ in the wrestling industry.

Favourite Wrestler: The Rock

Favourite Match: The Rock, Kane & Undertaker vs Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & Triple H – King of the Ring 2000

Sarah – The Bathbomb Princess

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Say her name, she’s HISTORIC!

Sarah is one of ESSR’s top interviewers and successfully led our FIRST EVER, HISTORIC all women’s show, providing the very best insight into the women’s division of wrestling. Recently dubbed as the ‘Diva of Discovery’, Sarah has attended many Scottish wrestling shows including ICW and Discovery Wrestling just to name a few.

Favourite Wrestler: Finn Balor

Favourite Match: Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels – Wrestlemania 25

Scott – The Gullible One

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A man with a thirst for gold as high as Tommaso Ciampa, the younger of the McLeod brothers has grown into one of the pod’s most solid panelists.

As well as being the biggest Kane fan of the team, Scott also co-hosts Scott and Paul’s Rambling Podcast where they discuss wrestling, Frasier and of course rambling.

Favourite Wrestler: Kane

Favourite Match: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit – Wrestlemania 20

Gary – The Most Soothing Voice in Podcasting

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The award winning half of the Kernahan brothers for charity commitments, Gary is never one to turn down a bottle of Hooch.

He, along with daughter Lucy, always provides a great insight into how wrestling has impacted a family demographic. He’s also had the pleasure of attending Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. Currently on edge about a potential Boss n Hug Connection heel turn and has developed an unhealthy love for Viscera.

Allan – The Scottish Big Dog

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A man who was alerted to the podcast by the sound of a mysterious ‘mating call’,  The BIG DOG Allan continues to compete with Ross over who is the bigger fan of The Rock.

Despite this, the newly crowned ‘King of Amsterdam’ has developed greatly since joining the pod, recently interviewing various ICW personnel such as Simon Cassidy and Billy Kirkwood whilst providing the panels with various rants about Brock Lesnar.

Favourite Wrestler: The Rock

Favourite Match: Triple H vs Undertaker, End of An Era Hell in a Cell – Wrestlemania 28

Derek – The Wizard of Whiteinch

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Despite his struggles in the ESSR sweepstakes, Derek’s insights into the world of ICW have made him a valuable asset to the podcast.

One of the most knowledgeable of the team on the 80s and 90s eras of wrestling, it should be of no surprise that many believe his niece Lucy gets her insight into the sport from Derek and not her dad Gary.

And he really does love The Kings of Catch.

Favourite Wrestler: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

Favourite Match: Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect – SummerSlam 1991

Strak – The Most Savage Man in Podcasting

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Strak’s non-PC opinions and repeated table banging has given Kwaku some sleepless nights when it comes to editing.  

With a background in wrestling and body-building, Strak provides an insight into the life of a wrestler including backstage stories and some very blunt and straightforward opinions of the industry as a whole.

Favourite wrestler: RVD
Favourite match : AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe – TNA Unbreakable 2005

Nathan – The Fury of Fife

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Nathan joined ESSR after a stint as President of the Glasgow University Pro Wrestling Society – of which he is also a Co-Founder – much to Kwaku‘s dismay.

After taking bashings from the rest of the panel for being a former GU student and/or always finishing in second place, Nathan is on hand to talk all aspects of wrestling and cites the Attitude Era as being his favourite era of our great sport.

He is also classed by many of the pod as the most handsome member of the team.

Favourite Wrestler: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Favourite Match: Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin – Wrestlemania 13

Andy – The Absolute Maniac

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The only Glasgow uni panel member that Kwaku actually likes, which isn’t an easy thing to achieve.

The absolute maniac that is Andy Mitchell has provided great insight into the life of a wrestling trainee as well as showing off how fashionable he is with his collection of turtleneck sweaters.

Andy is currently living his life in total regret at giving David Campbell access to the GUPWS Twitter account.

Favourite Wrestler: Shawn Michaels

Favourite Match: Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels – Wrestlemania 21

Ryan – ESSR’s Resident DJ

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One of our NXT experts, Ryan is also the founder of Glasgow wrestling events company Wrestle Events, who put on regular days and evenings for fanatics across the city.

A man who would try and sell you his kidney if he could, he has long suffered in his place of work for his love of wrestling. Despite this, he is still determined to get the team to pay that £40 return to go to Ireland to see OTT Wrestling.

Jack – The New Blood

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If there is a karaoke night happening you know Jack is going to be there!

Taking his showmanship from his love of wrestling he guarantees a good night out when you are with him.

From watching WWE since he was a wee boy to getting progressively more into the ICW over the past few years, Jack provides a welcome wealth of knowledge to the ESSR team.

Not going to let anyone forget that John Cena followed him on Twitter.

Favourite Wrestler – Edge

Favourite Match – DIY vs The Revival (NXT: Takeover Toronto)

Former Panelists

David C – The GOAT

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The first multi-time ESSR world champion, David has been dubbed the GOAT for winning many prediction sweepstakes and took the ESSR world championship global…at least as far as Boston, MA.

With a background in film, David’s appearances on the panel always result in passionate and well-spoken promos.

He recently performed the greatest heel turn in podcast history by betraying Scott and cashing in his spare change in the tin to regain the ESSR Championship.

Despite other projects forcing David away from a regular slot on the podcast, he can still be found meddling into our affairs via our sweeps and our fantasy draft.

Favourite Wrestler: Shawn Michaels

Favourite Match: Edge vs Mick Foley – Wrestlemania 22

Josh – The Broken Bed Bandit

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ESSR’s resident New Japan Pro Wrestling fanatic, Josh’s eye for detail played a pivotal role in getting Suplex Retweet off the ground.

A keen eye for detail, Josh‘s ability to break down a wrestling match always provides a central point for discussion anytime he is on the pod.

James – The Mad Scientist

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Lover of all things heel turns, James is always prone to a hilarious rant or two anytime he is on the panel.

A WWE mark through and through, his ability to go off onto numerous tangents has led to some memorable moments on the pod. May one day risk the wrath of Dave Meltzer.

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