ESSR Title

This may surprise you as a listener, but our team are friends outside the podcast studio. We enjoy attending shows and hanging out like any other group. The big difference is other groups of friends don’t compete for the ESSR Title.

Listeners of the show will be familiar with our regular quiz shows. Whilst these are just generally fun to do, there was a need of something to strive off, a trophy so there was.

We brought in the ESSR Title which would go to the respective winners of these quizzes, as well as our WWE and ICW PPV sweepstakes.

So far, more than half of the team have had a reign as champion, with some being successful on more than one occasion.

See below for our past ESSR Title holders.

Past Holders (current champ in bold)

(No of
David HaughneyBest of 2017 Show0
Ross McleodWrestlemania Quiz 20180
Gary KernahanWrestlemania Sweep 20181
Jayme MasonWomen’s Show Quiz0
Stacey SmithMoney in the Bank 2018 Sweep1
Steven WilsonShugs 2018 Sweep1
David CampbellSummerslam 2018 Weekend Sweep0
Nathan FisherHell in a Cell 2018 Sweep0
David CampbellSupershowdown Sweep2
Stacey SmithFear and Loathing 2018 Quiz0
Kwaku AdjeiSurvivor Series 2018 Weekend Sweep0
Steven WilsonSpare Change Cash In – Rock Show0
James MurphyFear and Loathing 2018 Sweep0
Steven WilsonTLC 2018 Sweep0
Royal Rumble 2019 Quiz0
Scott McleodRoyal Rumble 2019 Sweep0
Steven WilsonElimination Chamber 2019 Sweep0
Scott McleodSquare Go 2019 Sweep0
David CampbellSpare Change Cash In – NXT Takeover
StrakFastLane 2019 Sweep0
Scott McleodWrestlemania Quiz 2019 – Round 12
Wrestlemania Quiz 2019 – Round 40
Gary KernahanNXT Takeover: New York sweep0
Allan McLucasWrestlemania 35 Sweep0
Money in the Bank 2019 Sweep0
Steven WilsonDouble or Nothing Sweep0
Scott McleodAttitude Era Quiz0
Ryan GallacherSuper ShowDown Sweep0
Ross McleodStomping Grounds Sweep0
Extreme Rules Sweep0
Scott McleodShug’s Hoose Party 6 Sweep0
Steven WilsonSummerslam 2019 Weekend Sweep1
Scott McleodAEW All Out/NXT UK Takeover Cardiff
Sarah GrieveSpare Change Cash In – TNA X-Division0
David CampbellClash of Champions 2019 Sweep0
Derek KernahanHell in a Cell 2019 Sweep0
Scott McleodSecond Anniversary Quiz0
Stacey SmithSecond Anniversary Debating Chamber0
Scott McleodAEW Full Gear 2019 Sweep0
Steven WilsonNXT Takeover WarGames 2019 Sweep0
Allan McLucasSurvivor Series Sweep1
Jack GrahamSaturday Draft Live*0
Scott McleodRoyal Rumble 2020 Quiz0
David HaughneyRoyal Rumble 2020 Sweep0
Steven WilsonAEW Revolution 2020 Sweep0
David HaughneySaturday Draft Live – Season 3 opportunity0
Scott McleodElimination Chamber 2020 Sweep0
David CampbellWrestlemania Debating Chamber0
Ross McleodMoney in the Bank 2020 Sweep0
Sarah GrieveDouble or Nothing 2020 Sweep1
Scott McleodSaturday Draft Live – Season 4 Opportunity0
Ryan WilsonNXT: In Your House 2020 Sweep0
David HaughneyBacklash 2020 Sweep0

* defeated Steven Wilson when he tried to use his ESSR Draft Season 2 win to claim the vacant title on Saturday Draft Live

Total Reigns by team member

HolderTitle WinsTotal Retentions
Scott Mcleod 112
Steven Wilson 82
David Haughney 70
David Campbell 52
Stacey Smith31
Ross Mcleod 30
Allan McLucas21
Gary Kernahan 21
Sarah Grieve 21
Derek Kernahan 20
Nathan Fisher10
Kwaku Adjei10
Jayme Mason10
James Murphy10
Ryan Gallacher10
Jack Graham10
Ryan Wilson10

Other ESSR Titles Related Items

Spare Change In The Tin

ESSR’S version of the the Money in the Bank, the Spare Change In The Tin allows the holder to cash in on the ESSR Champion on any show.

The holder of this is determined during ICW’s Square Go. Each team member is assigned a random number matching to a participant in that match.

Whoever’s number matches the winner holds the Spare Change in the tin.

Past holders

HolderSuccessful Cash-in?When?Who on?
Steven WilsonYesThe Rock ShowKwaku Adjei
David CampbellYesNXT Takeover HistoryScott Mcleod
Sarah GrieveYesX-Division ShowScott Mcleod
Andy MitchellTBATBATBA

ESSR Fantasy League

Since July 2019, some of the members of ESSR have competed in the ESSR Fantasy League, a wrestling version of Fantasy Football.

Wrestlers score points based on appearances, wins, losses and title victories, with each season running between the respective WWE Big 4 PPVs (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Summerslam, Survivor Series).

Each players teams are chosen via a Draft Lottery (order of pick randomised each season) with a choice of wrestlers from RAW, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK and, since Season 3, AEW.

The winner of each season is given a guaranteed ESSR Title shot on the next show they are on with the champion.

Past winners

SeasonWinnerTotal PointsSuccessful title shot?
1David Campbell167.5No
2Steven Wilson233No
3David Haughney185Yes
4Scott Mcleod176Yes

You can keep up-to-date with the latest goings on from the ESSR Fantasy League every Saturday on Saturday Draft Live on the Suplex Retweet Extra feed.

ESSR 365 Title

Our newest creation, the ESSR 365 Title parodies the ongoing shenanigans surrounding the WWE’s 24/7 Championship.

Past winners (current champ in bold)

Stacey Smith2nd Anniversary show
Nathan Fisher
Scott Mcleod
David Haughney
Jack Graham

Experience all past and future escapades involves the ESSR 365 Title below on our YouTube channel.