Trained & Trainee Wrestler Show

Our panel from different wrestling schools along with special guest Cav talk about training to be a wrestler and their experiences.

training - Trained & Trainee Wrestler Show

While fans can be very critical about certain wrestlers’ ability pro wrestling isn’t easy. If it was easy everyone would do it as we learn in this special trainee show.

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It takes years of training. As wrestling in the UK has hit it’s second boom period we’ve seen more & more training schools open. In Scotland we have schools like Source, Reckless Intent, the GPWA Asylum & the PBW academy to name a few.

Elsewhere in the UK there’s the PCW Academy, Kamikaze pro Dojo, Rev Pro’s wrestling school, the PROJO and more. If we looked at the schools elsewhere, we’d be here all day.

At ESSR we’re lucky to have a very diverse team of panellists which includes several wrestling trainees from various different schools. Some of them have trained at more than one. For this special episode we decided to bring them together and share their different experiences of training.

We’re also joined by special guest and pro wrestler Cav to share what it was like when he started training.

Join Steven Wilson as he hosts this panel of trainees and he tries not to be suplexed. Listen to the panel talk about their time as a trainee. They discuss their choice of school, things they wished they’d knew when they started, what they could have done better and what their future goals are.

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