Trish and Lita

We look back at the careers of these iconic wrestlers discussing their debuts, run in WWE and their rivalry throughout the years.

trish and lita

Our panel look back on the careers of two Hall of Famers in Trish and Lita.

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Whilst the women’s revolution started in recent years, the divisions pioneers game well before that.

Back when women’s wrestling was an afterthought, two females would shine bright.

The year 2000 yielded a new millennium. But it was also the year we saw the debuts of Trish Stratus and Lita.

These were two ladies from completely different background. The Canadian Stratus was a former fitness model who had the look WWE wanted. Lita on the other hand, paid her dues travelling Mexico to perfect her craft.

In the years that followed, the two ladies would make their mark on the company. Both clearly raw on arrivals, the improvement the two showed was incredible.

As much as they accomplished on their own, Trish and Lita were always intertwined with each other in some way.

So it is no surprise that most of their top moments involved one another.

From their main event match on RAW in 2004 to Trish’s retirement win in Toronto. Both ladies truly deserve their Hall of Fame status.

On the latest show, Steven and his panel look back at the careers of both ladies. They look at their achievements on their own, as well as their respective comebacks over the years.

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