Wrestlemania 2018 Quiz

As we continue on the road to Wrestlemania, our panel test out their knowledge on the grandest stage of them all in our first ever Wrestlemania quiz

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It’s time to test the WrestleMania knowledge of the Suplex Retweet team with our annual Mania quiz.

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We here at Suplex Retweet love a good quiz and it all started here.

The first of what would become an annual tradition on as we test our panellist knowledge of the grandest stage of them all with our first ever WrestleMania quiz. A series of rounds covering every decade of the event with the ultimate prize up for grabs. The Suplex Retweet heavyweight championship.

Also bragging rights but mainly the championship.

With more than 30 years of history behind the event there’s a lot to cover so let’s see if our panel have done their research. From facts that the majority fans should know from random facts that true diehard fans would know. From venues that hosted the event to championship matches to wrestlers’ real names.

Have a pen and some paper at the ready and see if your Mania knowledge is as good or even better than our panellists.

Host David Haughney is tasked with overseeing this battle of wills that features what would become some of the pods best reoccurring jokes and funniest moments. As with any quiz this show features it’s fair share of controversy. #Uniondale

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