Wrestlemania 34 The Undercard

The panel discuss the Tag Team title matches, the US title match and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

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Our second show on our 2018 Wrestlemania week coverage sees us look at the Wrestlemania 34 undercard.

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Not every match at WrestleMania can be a main event as we continue our breakdown of the WrestleMania 34 card by looking at the matches on the undercard.

The matches that don’t get the most attention in the build but have the most potential to surprise us on the night.

This includes the annual Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. Is the battle royal a match worth winning? What has it done for the previous year’s winners?

There’s the US championship four way as champion Randy Orton defends against Bobby Roode, Jinder Mahal and Rusev. Is this the time for the phenomenon of Rusev day to have a moment on the grandest stage?

This also includes both the Raw and SmackDown tag team championship matches. Can former bitter rivals the New Day and the Usos combat the seemingly unstoppable Bludgeon Brothers? Are the Bar ready for whoever Braun Strowman has chosen to be his mystery partner? Should Braun be in a higher position on the card?

Join host David Haughney & his panel as they dissect and try to predict the outcome of this year’s undercard.

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