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We discuss our favourite wrestling commentators throughout different eras and companies.

wrestling commentators

Suplex Retweet discusses who’s the best voice of wrestling as we look at our favourite wrestling commentators.

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In Wrestling the commentator is as important a part of telling the story of a match as the wrestlers involved. Would Stone Cold have felt like as big a star without JR yelling Stone Cold at the top of his lungs? What would Christian’s return have been without Todd Gresham so enthusiastically saying “It’s Christian”?

While it’s easy nowadays to the tune out the commentary it can add a lot to a match. It’s a different experience than if you’re watching a show live in the arena. Not hearing the commentary can cause you to lose out on vital storyline information or in the case of certain Scottish commentators you miss out on some excellent one liners.

 Your favourite commentators will depend on what era of wrestling you grew up watching. From Jesse Ventura in the 80’s to Jerry Lawler and JR in the attitude era to modern era commentators like Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves.

Join host Sarah Grieve and the panel as discuss what great commentary adds before they go through their picks for the best commentators in wrestling history the reasons for these picks. Covering WWE and giving special shout out to their home promotion ICW. They round up by giving their dream commentary teams.

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