Wrestling Families

It’s a family business. Our panel discuss some of the greatest families that have put a lot in to wrestling over the years. From the Anoa’i bloodline to the Von Erich’s.

the hart family in wwe in 1997

They aren’t your stereotypical brother and sister groups. We look at back some of the most notable wrestling families in the history of the sport.

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Don’t we all love our families?

We at ESSR especially would like to consider ourselves to be one big happy family (sometimes). But this isn’t about us. This is about the great wrestling families of the past and present.

Our sport has been unfortunate enough to have so many families create a legacy for future generations. Whilst some may not have turned out as well as we’d have liked – The DiBiases for example – there is always a Rhodes family to look at to see just what wrestling means to them.

Like with Cody and Goldust, we often see families interact on camera, where the chemistry is noticeable instantly.

Wrestling fans of the 90s watched on in awe as Bret and Owen Hart seamlessly went from feuding to stablemates over the course of a few years. And seeing the Uso’s work so well with their cousin Roman Reigns just a few years ago was a joy to watch.

Wrestling families create dynasties which can truly stand the test of time. But there is only so many families will can discuss in the course of 90 minutes.

On this latest show, our team talk about some of the most famous Wrestling Families from the Von Ericks to the Harts.

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