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We spoke to Source Wrestling Graduate Xero about his journey in wrestling. After being dubbed by Mikey Whiplash as ‘one to watch’ we found out his plans to wrestle all around the country.


Source Wrestling school standout the inhuman Xero sits down with Suplex Retweet.

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Source Wrestling is currently producing some of the best up incoming stars of Scottish scene and this man, Xero, is no exception.

Despite only wrestling for 2 years he already has been named one to watch by Source head trainer Mickey Whiplash, who says he is terrified by the character.

Whiplash isn’t the only one as Xero been terrifying audiences since his debut in Source against Kieran Kelly which has left them intertwined to this very day.

Recently he been branching out into other promotions such as Reckless Intent, where he is currently undefeated.

He is notable in Source as part of the Violence Institute alongside current Source Wrestling Champion, the Clyde River Killer Alexander Darwin MacAllan, the Dog of War Luke Matthews and Matt Daly.

Sarah Grieve sits down with him to discuss his career so far including the different promotions he’s wrestled for, his thoughts on Micky Whiplash, if and when he will challenge for the source championship and the issues within the Violence Institute.

He also talks about some of his career aspirations including his dream opponents and what other promotions he plans on wrestling for in the future.

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